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Underground Dog Fence Atlanta teaches your dog to recognize the dog fence boundaries.  It will take just three lessons and a bit of homework for your dog to learn to stay inside the dog fence.  For the homework you will need to spend fifteen minutes three times a day for about ten days to ensure proper training.

In the first lesson, we teach the dog to recognize the boundary flags.  Every time they get too close to the boundary flags they will hear their collar beep and learn to retreat back into your yard.

In the second lesson, we teach the dog to associate a mild shock with crossing the boundary.  This will reinforce the first lesson and teach them to retreat every time they get too close to the boundary.

In the third lesson, we introduce distractions to make sure your dog does not forget the boundaries even when they are excited or when something else grabs their attention. 

Once your dog knows the new dog fence boundaries, we start thinning out the flags until the system is completely invisible.