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System Features

Rechargeable Collars
Our dog fence collars are rechargeable long life lithium ion collars. About once a month, the collar tells you it needs recharging and you place it into the provided recharger.  In just two hours the collar is recharged and you are ready to go.  That is good for the environment and your pocketbook.

Invisible Fence uses a collar that requires special batteries.  Those batteries will cost a family with two dogs over $1,000 during their dog’s lifetime.  With our rechargeable collar you will never pay another cent for collar batteries.

Run-Through Protection
Our system’s computer gradually increases the level of shock as a dog breaks the boundary. This discourages dogs from trying to run through the fence.  Combined with our training, this will keep your dog contained.

Battery Backup
Our system has a battery backup to keep dogs secure in the event of a power failure. Our clients don’t worry about a storm leaving their dogs unprotected when they need it most.