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Is my puppy old enough?
Ideally we should wait till your puppy is six months old.  However, we understand that sometimes you just can’t wait, and will work with puppies as young as four months old.

How long will it take to install?
It usually takes a day to install the system, you only need to be around for about one hour of this time. We are available on weekends if that is more convenient for you.  We can usually install the system within a week.

Are you going to dig up my yard?
No, that sounds like too much work! We use a special machine that cuts a narrow slit in your lawn and buries the boundary cable. Most lawns heal within a month.

What about your competitors?
Our main competitors, Invisible Fence do good work.  People pick us because we guarantee containment.  They also like our rechargeable collars that free them from buying expensive special batteries every month. We have been told that our competitors prices are about 50% higher.

What does the stimulus feel like?
The stimulus feels a lot like the static shock you sometimes get stepping out of a car. It is not painful, so much as surprising.

Will it work in my yard with my dog?
Every client has different needs, so give us a call and ask us if an Underground Dog Fence is right for you. We want all our clients to have a great experience, and would never encourage someone to buy a system if it was not the best choice for them.